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Matsuricon cosplay. Kill la kill and friends

I was the Male Mako in the first image. Happy so many people liked it.

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My friend Jason memed it up as Kira

My cosplay from matsuricon.

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It's mako and ryuko from matsuricon
smarycosplay asked

That’s not a question.

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What do?

Well I have over 100 followers now? What should I do? Could make a terrible photoshop or something I guess. Taking suggestions now.

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My favorite Tsundere is Medaka.

My favorite Yandere is Medaka.

My favorite Kuudere is Medaka.

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i dont get how u can steal a screenshot of public tweets??
Anonymous asked

Just being overly nice to the person who posted the screenshot.

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Greatest literary work of the modern age.

EDIT: Credit should go to Codeofwisdom on Reddit whom I blatantly “stole” this image from.
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I feel like 90% of users on this site are too young to remember what this meme is.


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"It costs $17,000 to play is this ballpit for 1 hour."

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I have nothing to say that could make this better.

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